Friday, September 07, 2007

Plum Genoese

Again, from the cookbook...all the last few cakes were baked using recipes from the same cookbook. The cake didn't turn out the way I expected..a bit hard (but maybe that's what it should taste like in the first place?). However, it tasted better when I ate with vanilla ice cream hehe...(but what doesn't taste good with ice cream right? ;))

Shooting with a point-and-shoot is a big challenge....I can adjust the WB and exposure on the point-and-shoot but I can't shoot in RAW mode, so that's a handicap for me. Lighting is still a problem, so I guess I will just have to live with the lighting insufficiency (or shoot with day light) until I get my Lowel Tota pak

So bear with my sometimes-good(when shot in day light)-sometimes-bad (when shot using my 250W tungsten light) until I get my EOS350D back or the arrival of the Tota pak (another month to arrive!).

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