Tuesday, September 18, 2007

More mooncakes

Made a new batch of mooncakes today. Everything went fine until the last step! My mooncakes were burnt! *cry* I left them in the oven after I turned off the electricity, so that the egg yolks would be thoroughly cooked by the remaining heat in the oven. But when I took them out 15 minutes later, they were slightly burnt! I cut one, took photos and tasted it...The burnt taste lingered in my mouth :-(

Anyway, the lotus paste didn't turn out that much smoother, though there was a little improvement. In fact, the earlier batch tasted better after 2 days because I could taste the true flavour of the lotus seeds and the skin was not burnt, and was less sweet as well. After 2 days the skin became softer as well, so they actually tasted quite good now.

This batch will have to wait for another day or two for them to mature but I doubt the burnt taste (and smell) will go away! Nevermind...big lesson learnt. My friend Sing Teck said I should keep trying...well it will have to wait till next year then, as mooncake festival only comes once a year (and I'm leaving for holidays in Hanoi soon, and spending mooncake festival there)!

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