Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Holidays in Bangkok - Day 1: Arrival

Today is my first day in Bangkok, and I'm using Blogspot in Thai language! God knows how to turn to English, I just can't see the button to change the language, so I am just clicking here and there, and by sheer I am.

Arrived at the new Bangkok airport at around 4.30 pm, when mom and I got the rented Honda Jazz from Avis, it was already about 5.30 and by the time we reached the hotel it was 8 pm (the internet said 45 mins to reach the area where we are staying for today)! Thanks to the massive traffic jam, and not very sure of which turnings to take to our hotel, we had to take a big detour, as instead of turning left at one junction, I decided to turn right, and hence took another 1.5 hours to turn back. The traffic police screamed at me as I couldn't tell which road to turn and which one not to. Too bad I didn't understand Thai and he couldn't speak a word of English...oh well.

We walked about 5 minutes from the hotel for dinner at a cafe called Cafe Nero, I ordered soft shelled crab served on rice and fried Thai basil and stir-fry vegetables in green peppercorns...yummy yummy. Mom has roast chicken leg served on rice and stir-fry veggies...Too bad I didn't bring my camera along with me.

I forgot to bring my power adapter and I have only 40% of battery life left on my Macbook...Oh well. I guess I just have to try to buy an adapter from the supermarket tomorrow.

The hotel we are staying tonight sucks...Run down and in bad shape...But oh well, we only paid 1100 baht a night so that's very cheap considering it's Christmas season and everywhere else that I saw on the internet were easily 2000 baht and above for one night...

Thank goodness we're just staying here for one night...and tomorrow morning we're driving off to Hua Hin and Cha-Am to stay at the beach...hopefully a nicer hotel!

Till I post again, it's time to shower and sleep, it's now at 10 pm as I type...Too tiring driving in the massively-jammed Bangkok...The car didn't move an inch for 20 mins when we were in somewhere near Westin Hotel in Sukhumvit...(please pardon my grammar as I am really lazy to read through haha...) No photos taken yet...hopefully will take some tomorrow!

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Curry Chicken Rice and My Missing-In-Action

I have been really really busy and have not had time to update my blog since my last post on my Hanoi trip. Right now as I am writing, I am down with a bad flu and coughing badly. My throat hurts and I hope I don't lose my voice cuz I make a living by talking! (Interpreting rather...)

However, I have been still posting food photos to flickr diligently and from now onwards if there're no updates on my blog, you are most welcomed to view my photos here.

My latest creation was curry chicken rice, I made it just to shoot the photos! Too bad I couldn't eat much of it as it made me cough...

What do you think of my new pictures? I think I've improved a lot since I first taken photos with my Canon EOS 350D! This batch of photos were taken with my new toy, the Canon 50mm f1.4 lens...