Monday, September 17, 2007


These are the inaugural batch of mooncakes I have ever made in my entire life. Lots of work, and I was a bit disappointed with the outcome. The recipe was adapted from The Star Online (Kuali) and I took the shortcut way, maybe that's why the final products were a disaster! The skin was a bit too hard, and the paste was a bit too soft and coarse. I was a bit upset over the results but I'm making a new batch today using a new recipe, so hopefully they will turn out better.

I'm still sufferring from serious withdrawal of not having a dslr camera with me, feel so handicapped and depressed! I have to borrow my friend's Canon EOS 350D to Hanoi but hers doesn't have the RAW format and the white balance setting...apparently problem with the firmware and no one realised for a year until I took at look at it the other day!

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