Thursday, September 20, 2007

Last batch of mooncake photos

Well, my friend Wai Quan lent me her EOS 350D so that I can take it to Hanoi, while waiting for my own 350D to be fixed. Boy, I have been having so much withdrawal for not having my dslr with me, felt so handicapped and disturbed. I felt like my heart and soul is back now haha....But her camera has got some firmware problems, it doesn't shoot in RAW mode and there are no White Balance settings and color tone. Still better than my point and shoot though. At least I've got the lenses and exposure to play with.

Don't think I'm making anymore mooncakes before Mid-autumn festival as I'm leaving for my long-awaited vacation in Hanoi tomorrow. Well my hotel room has got free internet access so I am gonna take lots of pictures there and hopefully upload some of the food photos from there.

I'm typing this from a cafe not far from my client's office, while waiting for my interpreting project to start in an hour's time or so. My internet connection at home is dead at the moment (Apparently I forgot to pay the bill and they have temporarily suspended me, how cruel! What's life (and work) without the internet man!!!) So I'm just quickly uploading all the images while I have access to the internet.

The next post will be from Hanoi I hope...the purpose of the trip is to take lots (and lots and lots) of photos (scenery, people and of course food!), do some shopping for props (key objective hehe) and eat! And by the way, my lighting set is coming sooooooooon and I am so damn happy....finally able to set up my food photography studio!

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