Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Hot chocolate (and a troubled right leg)

I have had an injury from walking too much wearing improper shoes a few years back in Australia, didn't know I have flat feet problem then. The same injury was never treated when I first had it, and it went on for a few years. I've seen a couple of specialists in sports injury and orthopaedic but there was apparently no cure for it, physiotherapy and anti-inflammatory drugs didn't help much either. Finally, I've resorted to seeing a Chinese Orthopedist a couple of days back. He said my muscles in the entire right leg are very tensed, and I asked him if my condition will ever heal at all. He laughed and said "Yes it will, just very long time as this is a really old injury". He gave me some herbal compress (as seen in the picture above) and the only way to relieve the discomfort (I sort of pulled my muscle under the right foot a while back and the soreness has stretched up to the whole leg) is to rest and minimise walking...for the muscles to relax back and hopefully to heal...

This has gotten me into depression....which means, I can't move too much, and also means that I REALLY have to rest and minimise moving around, which means...sigh...minimal photography for a while, at least until the foot is settled down a little bit...And also no more travelling for a while! Well I've bought my air ticket and booked my hotels in Ho Chi Minh City during Chinese New Year (about 3 weeks away, January 26, 2009) so I guess I just have to spend most of the time in the hotel room and have to walk carefully in proper shoes!

Anyway....I have already bought all the ingredients to make hot chocolate to photograph so I thought would at least shoot it before I go into hiatus. This may be my last food photograhy series for the time being, until my foot and leg settle down, since I am not allowed to move around too much :-(

I know I would fidget and feel uneasy for not being able to prepare dishes and photograph them, and I have restrictions in my diet too, making it quite difficult for me to come up with fancy dishes to shoot. This is sooooooo depressing (as I'm also still feeling under the weather from the bug in Koh Samui), but what to do, I have to get better for me to continue my passion! What a way to start the new year!

But anyway, I hope I will be able to get back on my feet soon (literally! No pun intended!) and can't wait to prepare and photograph more food again! I'm going for a follow-up check up today and hopefully I will hear some good news!

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