Monday, August 06, 2007

Shooting for my photo portfolio was the BIG day I have been waiting for...My friend Sing Teck came over to teach me how to set my EOS 350D properly to get rid of the "green tinge" that annoyed me for so so so long, and's gone now! He set up the proper white balance for me, and also the white balance shift/bkt setting...and no more green tinge now! So it was a great start to create photo portfolio for my new webpage so that I can start offerring food photography services!

But I still couldn't get the "warm" food photos that I've always wanted...and he told me it's the lighting...So I have to set up a lightbox next, for soft lighting effects! was a long day today, I've planned for 5 different dishes (not including dessert) but only managed to cook 4. It was a long tiring day of cooking and shooting, so I decided to cut it short. But the best part was, we get to eat what I cooked! The pumpkin and carrot soup was fantastic, so was the claypot chicken rice. The seared scallops tasted really juicy and sweet, but unfortunately the mashed avocado was a bit bland...

The photos consist of (click on images for high-res pictures):

1. Stewed pork ribs with carrot and potatoes (from lunch, mom cooked but I took photos)
2. Stir-fry paku-pakis (edible wild ferns) with sambal.
3. Pumpkin and carrot soup served with garlic and parsley toast (really yummy, will share recipe later but not sure when haha...been too lazy lately)
4. Seared scallop with mashed avocado
5. Claypot chicken rice (but cooked in rice cooker)
6. Baked cheesecake
7. Bowl of cherries, strawberries and blueberries.

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