Friday, August 31, 2007

Fresh berries and whipped cream sponge layers

Was in the baking mood again, and picked another recipe from the same book that I used to make the whipped almond cake with mango mousse. This recipe is a lot easier (requires less time too, about 3 hours in total to bake and decorate), but the taste result was not as good as I anticipated, the sponge layer was a bit too hard and tough and I couldn't find kirsch and potato flour, so I had to adapt the recipe to what I could find. The photos look really good though, the berries turned out looking real juicy.

I've got the hang of whipping cream and whisking egg whites, so I think these are the biggest lessons I learned in this and last baking endeavours. So they are not that difficult after all! Just need practice (and practice, and practice....) was very difficult to cut the cake as there were lots of berries (raspberries, strawberries, blueberries) in between the layers (soaked in whipped cream). It is a very expensive cake to make (just the berries themselves cost me RM 40! (about USD 13))

I chose this cake to bake because I wanted to shoot a vibrant-looking and colourful cake, the pictures turn out very well but I don't think I'll ever make this for someone's birthday or to sell it as I really don't know how it can be cut and served! I had so much trouble trying to cut a wedge and the tower tumbled right after I put the wedge on the plate! Oh well....

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