Saturday, August 25, 2007

Durian and mangosteen feast

Last Saturday (August 18, 2007) my family and I were invited to a durian feast organised by my kitchen cabinet builder, Signature Kitchen. So my parents, my friend/project manager Sam and I charged to the venue and attacked the durians like there was no tomorrow. Okay, maybe not me, as I was still sufferring from a coarse voice and cough so I did not dare to gobble down so many seeds as the Chinese say that durians are "heaty" for the body. I set my limit to only 5 seeds but in the end eaten 7 of them haha. Another reason was that I had to interpret for a conference after the durian feast so I couldn't risk losing my voice nor let my cough interrupt my voice while interpreting.

There were free flow durians served together with mangosteens. The durians were of first grade but we could only eat so much. Sam was the happiest among all, seemed like he was the one that enjoyed the session most and I actually did a rough count of how many seeds he ate....close to 20! Salute to you dude!

We left with a full tummy and a nauseous feeling...from durian overdose. But surely satisfied and hope to go back next year!

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