Sunday, March 11, 2007

Curries...shot to get paid! Woo hoo...I'm "OFFICIALLY" a food photographer

The BIG DAY in my professional food photography journey. My cousin has approached me to help her take some food photos to used for product packaging. Her company sells packaged instant curry pastes. I bought a new studio lighting a couple of days ago just so that I can get to shoot these photos properly. On Friday night I was trying to get the lighting working and really had trouble getting the effects done properly. Thanks to Sam's suggestion (my interpreter), I managed to make it run properly, and by the time I figured was already past midnight! Oh well, certainly worth the time I guess.

I didnt get paid much for this but now at least I can claim that I shoot food photographs professionally (even on a freelance basis hehe)! The lighting helped quite a bit. Took me like 3 hours to shoot for the 3 curry paste products, and another 3 hours to go through the photos, converted to JPGs from RAW files and burn the CDs.

Let me know what you think of the photos, would love to have feedback! Thanks Sam for the reminder on using the flash function of the lighting! P.S. Kindly DO NOT use these photos for any purposes as you and I can be sued if found to use these pictures. Sorry guys!


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wahlau said...

i think the set is worth its money, especially when you are going pro. Concerning the 30D upgrade, i believe you should learn more b4 going for the upgrade. Not that you are doing lousy now, but i believe good skills do much more than good equipments.

keep up the good work!