Sunday, December 09, 2007

Curry Chicken Rice and My Missing-In-Action

I have been really really busy and have not had time to update my blog since my last post on my Hanoi trip. Right now as I am writing, I am down with a bad flu and coughing badly. My throat hurts and I hope I don't lose my voice cuz I make a living by talking! (Interpreting rather...)

However, I have been still posting food photos to flickr diligently and from now onwards if there're no updates on my blog, you are most welcomed to view my photos here.

My latest creation was curry chicken rice, I made it just to shoot the photos! Too bad I couldn't eat much of it as it made me cough...

What do you think of my new pictures? I think I've improved a lot since I first taken photos with my Canon EOS 350D! This batch of photos were taken with my new toy, the Canon 50mm f1.4 lens...

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